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Detailed description of the cucumber variety Finger (Boy with a finger f1)


Variety cucumber culture called Finger is a relatively innovative variety, which immediately after the appearance confidently took the leading position in the market. We owe the appearance of this type of cucumber to Volgograd breeders and directly to the author Shefatov V.A.

Description of the cucumber variety Finger (Boy with F1 finger)

This crop matures early.. Mature crunchy fruits are ready within 40-45 days after the seeds are sprung.

Ripe vegetables have excellent taste characteristics. The purpose of their diverse. Juicy and fragrant crispy fruits can be enjoyed fresh after a long winter, or you can successfully use them for winter harvesting.

Fruits are neat and identical in size, salted or pickled look very nice in jars.

The presentation of vegetables is excellent, transportable abilities are also good, which makes it possible to grow them not only in personal plots for personal use, but also on an industrial scale.

Vegetables are stored for a long time and are resistant to the yellowing of fruits.

According to the description plant is genetically resistant to many diseases, including such widespread as downy mildew.

The culture is drought resistant and cold resistant, does not react to temperature drops, tolerates both cold fall and summer heat.

The variety ripens early, the fruits are stored for a long time, their purpose is universal

Cylinder shaped fruit, small size, the length of vegetables does not exceed 12 cm, and the weight is not more than 120 grams. Roughness rare, but large. The flesh is dense and juicy with a pronounced aroma.

The shape of the bushes is average. The leaves are heart-shaped bright green.

Productivity of a grade the Boy with a finger impressive. Observing all the rules and recommendations for the care of one square meter, it is really possible to collect at least 7 kg of fragrant and juicy crispy cucumbers.

Advantages and disadvantages of cucumbers

The variety of cucumbers The finger has many advantages:

  1. Decent yields.
  2. Excellent taste characteristics of the fruit.
  3. Genetically conditioned lack of bitterness in vegetables and soft skin of vegetables.
  4. Long harvest time (up to 60 days).
  5. Early ripening.
  6. Long period of storage of ripe vegetables.
  7. Good transportable ability.
  8. Presentable appearance of vegetables.
  9. Ability to use in raw and processed form.
  10. High resistance to various diseases and pests, including the most common - downy mildew.
  11. Easy to grow and care.
  12. Good resistance to cold and drought.
  13. The possibility of growing cultures in different regions.
  14. The possibility of growing in open soil and in hotbeds.

The disadvantages of this varietal variety are absent.

The variety has many advantages, it has no disadvantages

Landing features

Planting cucumbers The finger does not require special skills and intricacies, and even the beginners of vegetable growers can afford it.

It only costs follow simple rules and recommendations:

  1. You can plant seeds in two ways: seed and seedling.
  2. In the open ground plants are planted in late May, or early June.
  3. Seeds must first be prepared.
  4. The soil should have good breathability.
  5. Fertilization is required.
  6. Seeds deepen into the soil no more than 2-3 cm.
  7. Seedlings should have a height of 25 cm and there should be 4-5 true leaves on it.
You can grow cucumbers as a seed and rassadnym way

Now we will dwell on the rules of landing in open ground. The soil must be prepared in the autumn..

For this, the plot is removed from weeds and applied humus, or any organic fertilizer, and only then dug. In spring, you can also feed the soil with organic fertilizer.

Immediately before planting the seeds, the soil must be properly loosened.

Seed material also has certain requirements.: seeds must be prepared.

You can buy ready-made glazed seeds, they are much more expensive, but such seeds are already decontaminated and soaked with growth promoters.

You can prepare the seed yourself. For this, seeds are first kept in a solution of potassium permanganate, then they are germinated in a warm humid environment (in gauze or cotton bags).

After these procedures, germinated seeds need to be hardened, bringing them to the cold. After such procedures, you can safely proceed to the landing of the material in open ground.

In the open soil it is necessary to plant seeds only after the full termination of night frosts. The temperature of the soil should also warm up at least 15-18 degrees.

To warm up the soil faster, you can pre-cover the area with agrofibre.

Seed planted according to the scheme 50 × 30 cm to a depth of no more than 3 cm and gently pull down the flooded soil.

Seeds are disinfected, germinated, hardened and planted.

Peculiarities of care

Any kind of cucumber loves order. Cucumber beds must be weeded regularly., remove weeds, loosen.

Cucumbers are 90% water, so they need regular watering. It is necessary to carry out watering in the evening hours with warm separated water.

You can not also allow excessive stagnation of water, it is fraught with rotting root system.

The plant grows up to 2.5 meters and needs a mandatory garter. For these purposes, trellis, mesh or any other support.

To increase yields, need to regularly fertilize the culture. Especially careful care of cucumbers will be required in the first two weeks after emergence. During this period, the plant needs top dressing with nitrogen-containing agents.

Strictly prohibited fertilize the culture with chlorine-containing preparations.

During the flowering period, it is necessary to fertilize the culture with phosphate fertilizers. And when it comes to a period of active growing season, the plants need nitrogen-potassium fertilizers.

In the first two weeks after emergence, cucumbers require nitrogen fertilization

Diseases and pests

This type of cucumber is very resistant to various diseases and is not very susceptible to damage by insects.

But here calcareous fungal infections of the plant are quite possible. To avoid such trouble you should not moisten the soil too much.

For the prevention of various diseases of the plant it is also recommended to regularly sprinkle it with infusion from potato tops, or infusion from beet tops.

Such infusions avoid ticks and caterpillars.and your plant will be safe and sound.

Harvesting and storage

High yield of a variety contributes to frequent harvesting. You need to collect ripe fruit no less than every other day or two..

Overgrown fruits lose their excellent taste. Keep vegetables in a cool place..

Finger cucumbers will provide you and your family with an excellent crop of excellent quality vegetables that are suitable for fresh consumption and for winter harvesting.

To grow excellent cucumbers, it is only important to comply with the above recommendations.