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The best varieties of carrots for open ground


Sweet and juicy carrots are considered to be the queen of autumn. This tasty and healthy root vegetable falls on the taste of many vegetable growers and consumers. The yield and quality of the grown vegetable is directly dependent on the quality of the seeds. How to prepare the seeds for planting? What carrot seeds to choose and how to prepare them for planting?

It does not matter in which region the planting is planned in the ground - near Moscow or in the Urals, it is very important that the seeds are properly treated so that they can well ascend and be stored properly, as well as to increase crop yields.

How to choose the right variety of carrots

In order to get a high yield of excellent fruits, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of seed. In order not to get lost in a huge variety of seed selection, you should first of all prioritize, find out which harvest varieties you need: early, mid-season or late.

For cultivation on carrots in your area should choose zoned varieties.

After all, varieties that in certain climatic conditions will produce high yields and sweet fruits of excellent quality, in an unsuitable climate will look and bear fruit in a completely different way, may not be fruitful. And the picture on the package, and promises on the other hand packs will differ significantly from the result, which will be disastrous.

So early grades of carrots are suitable for cultivation in central Russia and in the southern regions, but early varieties are absolutely not suitable for cultivation in Siberia.


To the best early varieties include: Alenka, Boltex, Mango, Tushen, Artek, Shantane.

Varieties for planting in the Urals

For growing in the Urals Suitable varieties: Anastasia, Blues, Queen of Autumn, Tenderness, Samson, Namur.

In the Siberian district

But for Siberia it is better to pick up late-ripe carrot varieties. The best zoned varieties for Siberia are: Vita Long, Sentyabrina, Canada, Cascade, Topaz, Crunch.

Seed shelf life

The seed of all vegetable varieties have their expiration dates. In carrots, these terms are average. Carrot seeds remain viable for 3-4 years.

When buying seeds, it is necessary to closely monitor the terms of their packaging, because quite often the seeds that did not sell go from year to year to sale, and as a result, the buyer can plant vegetables in the spring, but they can’t even wait for shoots.

If you yourself collect them, so as not to forget about the timing, you can simply sign the packaging with seed. Of great importance and the conditions of storage of seeds. Best to keep them in foil bagswhich should be carefully sealed.

Crops that have been stored incorrectly can lose their properties, even without waiting for the end of germination. To protect yourself from the risks of planting bad seeds, you need to consider them well. If the seeds are wrinkled, dry and warm, unsightly gray color, then they are unlikely to germinate.

If seeds are stored incorrectly, they may lose their properties.
To check the seeds for germination should also soak them with water, unsuitable empty seeds will pop up.

How to soak the seeds before planting in open ground

If you are convinced of the appropriate timing of the seeds for planting and the suitability of the material, the next step is to soak them.

Such a procedure is necessary in order to improve seed quality, make them more robust, disinfected and to accelerate the germination process. Indeed, in the nucleus is a large amount of essential oils that significantly inhibit germination.

Immediately before soaking the core sanitize. To do this, they go down for 15 minutes in a fairly strong solution of potassium permanganate.

You can do without manganese: for this you need to pour boiling water into a thermos and put the kernels in gauze bags in it, leave them in the thermos for 30 minutes, after which the seeds are immediately cooled in cool water.

Seed soaking in potassium permanganate

Seed treatment in vodka

The technology of vodka soaking the seeds of carrots before planting them is very popular among many summer residents and gardeners. Vodka is a good solvent of essential oils, which significantly speeds up the germination process.

To use this method, you just need to put the kernels in gauze bags and keep them in vodka for 15 minutes. After that, they are thoroughly washed in clean water several times. After that, you can safely proceed to the landing in open ground.

Soaking in biologically active solutions and growth stimulants

Biologically active solutions will greatly accelerate germination and yield can be obtained much earlier.

Such solutions can be prepared independently:

  1. Solution wood ash. Two tablespoons of sol are dissolved in 1 liter of water, and the day is allowed to infuse, then seeds are put in gauze bags for three hours.
  2. Solution aloe juice. Cut off the bottom two leaves of an adult aloe plant, wrap them in a dark, dry cloth and leave in the fridge for two days. Then the leaves are crushed and poured with 1 liter of cooled boiling water, this solution is kept for 24 hours and then gauze bags with cores are placed in it and left for a day. Then dry them to a crumbly state.
  3. Solution mullein as a biostimulator, you can use it if you are not afraid of the aesthetic side of the question. In the solution of fermented mullein, lower the bags with seed for a day.
  4. You can buy ready-made biologically active solutions in any specialty store. These include the solution EpinIt can not only increase the germination rate, but also prepare the seeds for extreme weather conditions. Zircon also established itself as highly effective, it contains echinacea extract. Solution Humate also no less effective, it consists of potassium and sodium humic acid salts.
  5. You can use complex fertilizer (nitrophore). To do this, one tablespoon of fertilizer is dissolved in one liter of water and the seeds are soaked.
  6. Solution boric acid also used to process seed.


The process of drafting is immersion of seeds in a protective sheath. Flour, gelatin solution, brewed starch can be used as a coating mixture.

To create a protective film on the seeds, you need to immerse the swollen nuclei in the selected mixture and shake them thoroughly, stir for 10 hours. Then the pelletized kernels are poured with wood ash.

After this procedure, seeds enveloped with film and increase in size. After the procedure, the kernel should be carefully dried and ensure that they do not stick together.

This seed is much more convenient to use, because of their larger size.


Coated carrot seeds

What soak for quick germination


Bubbling is also a very effective and quick remedy. To implement it you need to soak the seeds in water, through which oxygen is passed. Sparging for carrot seed need not less than 18-24 hours.

As a bubbler, you can successfully use aquarium compressor. Sparging can be carried out in ordinary water, and potash salts can be added to water. Potassium nitrate and phosphate not only accelerate the seed growing process, but also add energy and cold resistance to shoots.

Folk remedies

People's centuries-old experience recommends, in addition to wood ash and aloe juice, to use for soaking seeds melt water. Such water is completely different from its usual structure, it has a huge positive energy, which will pass on to future fruits.

You can also use the solution baking soda. It will also accelerate the germination process, and additionally disinfect the seed.

As a folk remedy for soaking carrot seeds use soda
For soaking and germinating seeds, you should use only purified water, or spring water, but in no case can you use piped raw water.

Common mistakes during preparation and sowing

Vegetable growers and gardeners often make mistakes when preparing seeds:

  1. Leave the coated seeds for several years for sowing. It is forbidden to do this, the seeds in the shell retain their germination only for one year.
  2. Badly dried seeds after soaking.
  3. Keep the seeds in solution, what contribute to their too rapid germination, even before the period of planting in the soil.
  4. Do not check expiration dates seed to land.
  5. Wrongly stored collected seeds.
  6. Do not pay attention to the appearance of the seed. If the seed material is wrinkled, dirty, dull color, then no sprouting, growth stimulation, coating and barborting will not bring such seed material back to life.
  7. Do not compare seeds with zoning recommendations. Trying to grow crops in unsuitable climate zone.
  8. Do not comply maceration and germination rules.
  9. Planted seed planted in improper soil.

Carrots are a very unpretentious crop, the cultivation of which does not require much hassle and effort. The only important point: pre-sowing seed germination. If you follow all the rules and recommendations, you will get an excellent greater yield of juicy, crispy and sweet carrot.