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Detailed description and characteristics of the variety of tomato Lyubasha


Unsustainable weather conditions, diseases and a huge number of fitovrelitel create a barrier for gardeners on the way to an abundant crop of tomatoes. Breeders are working on new varieties of plants that could well bear fruit in these difficult conditions. One of these varieties is the tomato Lyubasha, a description and characteristics of which you will find in the article.

Description and characteristics of the variety

Tomato Lyubasha - hybrid variety f1 ultraearly ripening. This is the first generation of plants, obtained by crossing two types of tomatoes. 2.5 months pass from the appearance of the first sprouts to the first tomatoes. Designed for landing in:

  • greenhouse;
  • open ground;
  • balcony.

Height 0.6–1 meter. The shape of the tomatoes are round, slightly flattened. They have a smooth, glossy, dense skin. The color of the fruit is red. Weight - 120 - 150 g. Tastes sweet, delicate. The flesh is fleshy.

Lyubasha - determinant view. Limited in height. At the top of the shoot formed ovary with the fruits. Therefore, it is not necessary to pinch it.

Suitable for fresh consumption or for preservation.

Tomato harvest Lyubasha

Advantages and disadvantages of Lyubasha

Advantages of tomato Lyubasha:

  1. This is an early variety.
  2. It does not require special care;
  3. gives a good harvest;
  4. resistant to diseases;
  5. easily transported, stored.


  1. plant seeds cannot be prepared on their own;
  2. The price of hybrid seed varieties is higher.

This variety is resistant to diseases, pests:

  • tobacco mosaic virus - TMV;
  • late blight;
  • gray rot etc

It rarely gives in to diseases that destroy other tomatoes. Even if the disease struck the plant, it does not greatly affect the yield.

The plant is not capricious, does not require special care. Resistant to drought. Abundantly fruiting. Unpretentious to the soil, feeding, light.
Fetal cut

Can be grown in all regions of Russia.

Hybrid varieties of plants can not be obtained at home. This is done under laboratory conditions by specially trained people. Getting new species with the necessary qualities is a long, difficult, painstaking work, which affects their price.

Such seeds are better to buy in specialized stores, proven places. Seeds obtained from hybrid tomatoes can not be sown! Each time you need to buy them again. Since the hybrid seeds bear bad fruit.

Planting rules for seedlings

Seeds are planted in seedlings for 50 days before planting in open ground. In the central zone of Russia - in mid-February, early March. Terms depend on climatic conditions.

The soil for seedlings is recommended to be treated, as it may be infected. This is done using:

  • boiling water;
  • strong solution of potassium permanganate.
Semyon Lyubashi

The soil is kept at room temperature for 10 -12 days. You can use the turf ground, humus.

Seeds of hybrid tomatoes are already processed by the manufacturer. But for greater certainty, you can put them in a solution of potassium permanganate. Then rinse under running water.

Seeds are planted as follows: in the grooves with a depth of 1 cm place the seeds at a distance of 1 - 2 cm from each other, sprinkled with earth. The distance between the grooves - 3 - 4 cm. From above it is necessary to cover with a film, glass. Under favorable conditions, the first shoots appear after a few days.

In order for the seeds to germinate, the temperature in the box with the soil must be 25 - 30 0 C. It should be put in a warm place.

Pick, ie transplant, should be done after the appearance of the 1st true leaf. At the same time pinch the tip of the main root. This is done to strengthen adventitious roots. Preferably transplant with a clod of earth around the root. Seedlings are fed every 2 weeks, 2 times after transplantation. To do this, use complex fertilizers.

Transplanting tomatoes in open ground

By the time of transplantation into open ground, the plant should have:

  1. 7-9 leaves;
  2. thick stem;
  3. formed flower brush;
  4. height is 20 - 25 cm.

If the seedlings have these qualities, it can be planted. For this, it is advisable to choose a well-lit area.

Tomato seedlings

It is possible to replant if the weather is warm without night frosts. On average, after the 25th of May. When planting in each pit, preferably pour fertilizer, wood ash.

Lyubasha is not picky about the soil.

Optimally planted for 1m2 not more than 4 -5 bushes. The distance between the bushes should be 30-40 cm. Special care is not required, but it is necessary:

  1. remove weeds;
  2. water;
  3. carry out preventive measures to combat parasites;
  4. feed complex fertilizers;
  5. tie up;
  6. pinch
  7. loosen the soil;
  8. spud.

It is important to leave 2 - 3, and better 1 - 2 stalks, the rest to clean. In this case, the harvest will be more. Top dressing - 3 times a month. For better nutrition, it is necessary to pile up 2-3 times a month. Watering mode - 1 to 2 times a week at the root, on hot days more often (not more than 1 time in a greenhouse), 5 liters for each bush. It takes time to tie the bush to the peg. This is done to ensure that tomatoes are not on the ground. Up to 8 tomatoes can form in each stem.

No need to overly water and fertilize the plant. This leads to the development of the vegetative part, which will affect fruiting.
Bush with ripening tomatoes Lyubasha

Disease prevention

For the prevention of disease should follow some rules:

  1. do not overwet the soil;
  2. observe crop rotation;
  3. isolate tomatoes from potatoes, eggplants;
  4. choose disease resistant varieties;
  5. observe the required distance between the bushes;
  6. time to remove dried plants from the site;

If diseases and pests have settled on the site, insecticides and fungicides will come to the rescue.

Healthy tomatoes Lyubasha

Storage and harvesting of tomatoes

Get an average of 5 kg from one bush. All fruits ripen at about the same time. To increase the yield for 20 days before picking tomatoes is required to stop watering.

It is easy to store. They do not crack, well tolerate transportation over long distances. That allows you to grow them not only for home use, but also for sale.

Tomato Lyubasha - an excellent variety of plants, both for the balcony and for the garden plot. It has a number of advantages: early ripening, undemanding, high yield. Store and transport it is no problem. Fruits can be used for any purpose.