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What is the use of apples and is there any harm to the human body?


Anyone from an early age understands that eating apples is very helpful! However, not everyone knows why these fruits are so useful.

Is an apple a fruit or a berry?

Berries and fruits love both children and adults! The variety of fruits and small berries, make almost every person to admire the taste of this divine food, presented to humanity by nature itself!

Many have wondered more than once, what does watermelon, apple, plum relate to? Which of the listed berries, and what is a fruit?

Fruit is juicy edible fruit of a tree or shrub.

Berry is a variety of fruit, characterized by a huge content of seeds. As a rule, the berry is more meaty than fruit.

If you go into botany, then an apple tree is a fruit tree of the Rosy family. It belongs to the angiosperms department, to the class of dicotyledons.

Apple tree - the most common fruit tree on earth. In the modern world there are a huge number of apple varieties, which differ in the following characteristics:

  • harvesting (summer, autumn, winter varieties);
  • on the color of fruits (green, pale yellow, light and dark red, etc.);
  • by diameter (large, medium, and small fruits);
  • to taste and aroma.
Apple tree - the most common tree on earth, each of the varieties of its composition is valuable

Each of the varieties is valuable for its vitamin composition. In some, the vitamin C content is over the scale, in some there is a high sugar content, and in some there is more iron.

Calorie Fruits

The apple is one of the unspoken symbols of an excellent figure, personifies proper nutrition. All this is due to the fact that these fruits contain a large amount of nutrients and very few calories!

Virtually no diet is complete without the inclusion of juicy apples in the diet. Calorie apple depends on its grade and size.

Green apple is the lowest calorie. For example: in the apple variety "Granny Smith" contains only 47.5 kcal., And in the apple variety "Semerinko" - 40 kcal.

Red apples a bit more nutritious, for example: the Idared apple variety contains 50 kcal.

How many calories in yellow apples? Yellow apples the most high-calorie, for example: the fruit of apples of the variety "Golden" contains 53 kcal.

Baked apples (without additional ingredients) are not inferior in calories to their fresh counterparts, and therefore are also effectively eaten as a dietary meal.

Dried apples much calorie fresh! Energy value of apples in dried form: from 200 to 236 kcal. Based on 100 g, depending on the type of fruit.

The energy value of 1 apple can increase in proportion to its size. For more accurate calorie counting, use a scale!

The calorie content of apples depends on their variety, the size of the fruit and the method of harvesting.

Useful composition: vitamins and other usefulness

These fruits, especially those that have just been picked, contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Any apple consists of:

  • water;
  • fiber;
  • organic acids;
  • carbohydrates;
  • dietary fiber;
  • proteins;
  • fat;
  • pectins.

Rich apple and on vitamins:

  • PP;
  • beta carotene;
  • vitamin A;
  • B1 (thiamine);
  • B2 (riboflavin);
  • B5 (pantothenic acid);
  • B6 (pyridoxine);
  • B9 (folic acid);
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin E;
  • H (biotin);
  • K (phyloquinone).
Apples contain organic amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Mineralscontained in garden and wild apples:

  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • iron;
  • zinc;
  • magnesium;
  • phosphorus;
  • sulfur;
  • chlorine;
  • boron.

Apples: eat can not be thrown away, the program "Live is great!"

What is the use and harm for the human body?

Due to the large amount of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances found in apples, they contain almost everything that is needed for the human body.

In many varieties of apples, nutrients remain even after prolonged storage.

The usefulness of the juice of apples: can kill germs that cause dysentery. Due to the high content of pectin in apples, this fruit can be called a cholesterol fighter.

Apples useful not only raw, but also in the form of cooked dishes from them.

Baked fruit properties

When baking apples micro and macronutrients are not destroyed. If you add honey to such apples, the dish will become even more useful, but the caloric content will increase.

This way of eating fruits will be enjoyed by people who do not have the opportunity to use them raw (for example, due to intestinal diseases).

Baked apples can be eaten for:

  • improve metabolism;
  • recovery of lymph;
  • weight loss;
  • improve the condition of the skin, increase its elasticity;
  • improve the state of the cardiovascular system, etc.
Macro and micronutrients are preserved in baked apples

The rich urine

It should be noted that soaked, pickled apples - this is the first method that was used for cooking apples.

This method of cooking fruits also does not destroy the vitamins and other beneficial substances contained in them.

Eating soaked apples you can:

  • improve the work of the digestive system;
  • clean the body of toxins;
  • improve the condition of patients with fragile bones, reduce the risk of osteochondrosis;
  • boost immunity.

Eating apples in any form positive effect on the digestive system. Green apples do not cause allergic reactions. They help people suffering from low acidity of the stomach. And also perfectly cheer up!

Can apples for pregnant women, lactating women, children

Apples are an important component of the diet. pregnant, lactating women, and children. These categories of people definitely need to eat this fruit.

With it, the body of a child or woman in a state of pregnancy, as well as a nursing mother, get all the necessary vitamins to ensure normal functioning and growth.

Nutritionists and pediatricians recommend include green apples for:

  • reduce the risk of asthma;
  • protect the child from skin diseases;
  • reduce the risk of allergic reactions in a young child.
Pregnant and lactating women, as well as children need to include apples in the diet

Useful from peel to seeds?

Many children loving to eat apples whole, along with stubs. Parents are wondering if this is harmful to health?

The answer is short - no. Seeds from apples contain a huge amount of iodine. Seeds from one apple can satisfy the human body in the daily need of iodine.

You can not eat more than 5 pieces of apple seeds per day! In the seeds of apples contains glycoside amygdalin (poison, related to cyanides).

Contraindications to eating apple seeds:

  • pregnancy;
  • childhood;
  • chronic diseases (period of exacerbation).

Peel contains many vitamins., more than in the pulp of an apple. Also, only the shell contains the antioxidant quercetin, it is with its help that heavy metals are removed from the body, and cancer prevention is carried out.

Product of the day. An Apple. The program "About the most important"

What harm can fruit cause to health?

As you know, the benefits of eating apples are indisputable. They increase immunity, saturate the body with vitamins and microelements, help stabilize blood sugar levels, normalize the cardiovascular system, and much more.

But apples, in addition to useful properties, have contraindications.


Apples help to normalize the acidity of the stomach persons suffering from low acidity. And what about people who have an increased acidity of gastric juice (gastritis)?

Many varieties of apples (especially sour) to eat, people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, gastric ulcer and / or duodenal ulcer, etc., is contraindicated!

If you really want to eat them, consult with your doctor before use!

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Do not forget about pesticides and the chemistry that handles glossy imported apples! Such fruits can cause enormous harm to the body!

It is better to be safe and protect yourself and your loved ones from such products! Well, if you doubt, then brush your fruit with warm water with the addition of soap or dishwashing detergent.

Apples will benefit if you wash them thoroughly, eat them after meals, do not eat a lot of seeds

Apples are definitely healthy fruits! Eat them right. Eat these fruits on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before a meal., or after an accident 2 hours after. So learn more nutrients.

Do not eat large quantities of their seeds.. Choose ecological fruits. Do not neglect contraindications!