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19 best varieties of peaches and their description


Peach - short-lived plant. It is characterized by rapid entry into the phase of fruiting, intensive growth.

Peach buds have the ability to quickly wake up and release young shoots. Crohn grows and if it is not thinned, starting from the second year, the yield will decrease.

From the fourth year peaches will become small and deformed. Young trees begin to bear fruit in the second year after planting. With good care can give a harvest in the first year, during the autumn planting.

But do not allow this to happen. It is better to let the plant grow. Harvest small and the time will be spent, and the plant will lose power.

Juicy peach variety

In the past, gardeners dreamed of peaches, which can be grown in all regions of the country, and not just in the south.

Today, their dreams have come true: breeders have brought out many interesting winter-hardy, frost-resistant varieties with different periods of fruiting, fruit shapes and taste.

Peach trees are divided into four groups (depending on the shape of the fruit):

  1. This peach is a plant with pubescent fruits.
  2. Nectarine or hollow peach.
  3. Peach Potanin (Almond Potanin).
  4. Fergana peach or fig (fruit flattened).

Ripen early: Kiev Early, White Swan, Grisborough and Redhaven, Morettini

The peculiarity of early ripening varieties is that they quickly enter the fruiting phase. Two-, three-year-old saplings already produce a small crop. Peak yields in the fourth or fifth year after planting.

When choosing early maturing varieties, it is better to focus on plants that have a low, spreading crown. They are easier to care for and form during growth. From low trees it is also easier to collect fruit.

Among the representatives of this group, varieties deserve special attention. Kievan Early, White Swan and Redhaven.

Redhaven's peak yield is eleven years. More than one hundred kilograms of fruits are harvested from one tree.

отличается от позднеспелых сортов тем, что быстро вступает в фазу плодоношения и обладает невысоким ростом. Размер плодов также не впечатляет (не больше 150 г).

Любят его за хорошие вкусовые качества. Он идеально подходит для консервации.

Самоопыляемые, самоплодные персики: Инка, Вулкан, Харнас, Золотой юбилей

Self-pollinated varieties are very popular with gardeners. To enhance fruiting, recommend planting several plants for cross-pollination. But one tree will also bear fruit.

Among self-pollinated, samoplodnyh varieties a good harvest in a single planting gives Inca, Volcano, Harnas, Golden Jubilee.

Harnas belongs to the winter-hardy, early-ripe dessert varieties. This is a vigorous tree that bears fruit regularly. Its peculiarity is that the fruits cling tightly to the branches and do not fall.

Early ripening varieties are characterized by high winter hardiness of trees and flower buds. They withstand recurrent frosts. This makes it possible to grow them not only in southern latitudes, but also in the middle belt, as well as in Siberia and the Urals.