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The benefits and harms of walnuts for the human body


It has long been known that walnuts are very useful for human health. They include a huge amount of nutrients, in addition, the taste of walnuts will delight even the most captious critics.

The benefits of green walnut peel and kernels

The peel of an unripe walnut contains a huge amount of vitamin C, 8 times more than black currants and 50 times more than lemons.

Also in the cores a lot of vitamin E and PP, iodine, phytonicides, carbohydrates, polysaturated fatty acids and tannins.

All these components make green walnuts not only very tasty, but also a useful product that has a beneficial effect on both physical and emotional state of human health:

  • thyroid function and metabolic rate improves;
  • increases the body's resistance to various diseases;
  • vascular walls become more elastic;
  • normal functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • the nervous strain is removed, it is easier for the person to cope with stressful situations;
  • significantly increased the level of intelligence, thinking and ingenuity;
  • with regular use of green walnuts, you can see that constant fatigue and drowsiness begin to disappear;
  • the body is cleared of various slags and toxins, as well as viruses and bacteria;
  • green walnut prevents inflammation in the stomach or intestines;
  • You can also notice an improvement in the condition of the skin, it becomes more healthy and young.

All the benefits of this product are explained by its rich chemical composition, looking at which you can see that walnut includes the following ingredients:

  • quinones;
  • flavonoids;
  • vitamins A, PP, C, E, K and group B;
  • tannins;
  • essential oils;
  • carotenoids;
  • various minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, fluorine, copper, etc.
Mature walnut kernels are high in calories and nutritious, so people who want to lose weight need to be extremely careful in the use of this product.

So, how many calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates contain nuts? 100 grams contains:

Calorie content656 kcal
Squirrels16.2 grams
Fat60.8 grams
Carbohydrates11.1 grams
Alimentary fiber6.1 grams
Water3.8 grams

100 grams of walnuts can replace a full meal.

Useful and healing properties for the body

If you regularly eat several nuts a day, it is possible to significantly improve the general condition of the body and to prevent many diseases.

Walnuts are believed to affect human health in the following ways:

  • help improve immunity and overall body resistance;
  • beneficial effect on digestion, prevents constipation;
  • support the natural microflora of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • increase the amount of hemoglobin;
  • reduce the risk of developing an unfair tumor;
  • help in the restoration of the walls of blood vessels;
  • normalize blood circulation;
  • remove cholesterol, which reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke;
  • strengthen memory and improve brain activity;
  • restore vision;
  • give strength to the body, relieve drowsiness and fatigue.

Among other things, walnuts are considered simply indispensable in a metropolis. They help to cope with everyday stresses and remove radiation from the body.

Despite the huge number of advantages, if used improperly, you can harm your own health. If you eat more than 5-7 pieces per day, then rash in the mouth, tonsil irritation, diathesis and colitis may occur.

What other harm is possible? Such kernels cannot be eaten by people suffering from the following diseases:

  • ulcer;
  • hypertension;
  • skin diseases;
  • bowel disorders;
  • high clotting of the skin;
  • the presence of an allergic reaction.

Walnuts are very useful, but only if you take into account all the contraindications and do not exceed the dosage.

Bowel problemsFor 7 days every morning on an empty stomach, it is recommended to eat 50 grams of nuts mixed with honey.Gum disease1 tablespoon of finely chopped walnut leaves is poured with a glass of boiling water and left to cool completely, then cooled, filtered and rinsed mouth twice a day.General weakness of the body100 grams of walnuts and 100 grams of dried apricots turn into a homogeneous mass, add to them the zest of one lemon, 2 tablespoons of raisins and 2 tablespoons of honey. in order to increase the activity of the whole organism, in the morning on an empty stomach they eat one teaspoon of such a mixture.Burns, wounds, hemorrhoidsFor a speedy recovery, it is necessary for hemorrhoids 2-3 times a day to lubricate the nodes with walnut oil, and for skin lesions, oil is used for various compresses.To cleanse the body of bacteria, parasites, etc.4 tablespoons of dried unripe walnuts pour 200 ml of boiling water and add half a teaspoon of salt. Means insist half an hour, filtered and drink all day in small sips. At night, it is recommended to take a laxative.AtherosclerosisA tablespoon of crushed leaves pour a glass of boiling water and insist exactly one hour. then the broth is filtered and taken 100 milliliters three times a day before meals.Immunity enhancementIt is necessary to mix 100 grams of walnuts, 100 grams of figs and 100 grams of honey. The received means is used on the table spoon every morning for 3 weeks.BPHMix honey, pumpkin seeds and walnuts in equal quantities and take a tablespoon 3 times a day.

Walnut - about taste and benefits:

Medical tincture of young walnut Accept in the following cases:

  • digestive problems and stomach pain;
  • lack of iodine, problems in the thyroid gland and metabolic disorders;
  • various diseases of the female reproductive system;
  • anemia;
  • nerve strain;
  • such a tool is also used to remove toxins and toxins.

40 dairy nuts are finely cut and poured with a liter of vodka, after which they insist 2 weeks in a dark, cool place. Tincture is taken throughout the month 3 times a day before meals.

When working with green walnuts, it is recommended to use rubber gloves so that hands do not turn brown due to the large amount of iodine.

Walnut shells also brings great benefits to the body. There are several recipes for the preparation of such raw materials:

Cleansing the blood vessels and bronchi, excretion of toxins. help in the fight against tumors and neoplasms.The shell of 15 nuts is crushed and combined with 500 milliliters of vodka, after which they insist exactly one week in a dark and cold place, while occasionally stirring. Take this tool for 15 milliliters before breakfast.
Used for rinsing eyes with conjunctivitis and as an external agent for gynecological diseases of the external genital organs.The shell of the 10 nuts is laid out into small pieces, poured with a liter of water and boiled for 15 minutes. After that, 10 milliliters of broth is diluted in half a glass of water and used depending on the problem.
Disorders in the thyroid gland.15 grams of crushed partitions pour a glass of hot water and insist 30 minutes in a warm place. The tool is taken in a tablespoon 3 times a day in a course of 10 in 10 days.

Alcohol tincture can also be used as a warming agent for arthritis, radiculitis, etc.

Cooking Uses

From young fruits make jam. Kernels use for preparing various desserts, including as an addition to pies, cakes, ice cream or chocolate.

Walnuts are considered a must-have ingredient of various oriental sweets. These nuts are perfectly combined with vegetable salads, meat and fish.

Butter, obtained from walnuts, is used to make various savory sauces.

Walnuts are very popular among a large number of the population of the planet. These healing kernels are used as a component for the preparation of traditional medicine, and in cooking.

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