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Characteristics and description of the potato variety Jelly


The Jelly potato of the variety is carried to the State Register of Breeding Achievements of the Russian Federation in 2005. The grade is suitable for industrial cultivation, landing in farms, on garden sites. Tuber stored for several seasons without losing germination.

general information

Characteristic varieties Jelly

Sort dining destination, medium early. From planting to harvest takes 3 months. Starch content in tubers - 17% according to the characteristics.

From one bush collect 12-15 tubers. From hectare of landings collect up to 550 centners.

Marketability of tubers - 95%, and keeping quality - 86%. Tuber taste is not watery.


Bushes are tall, semi-upright or spreading. It is a lot of leaves, they can be both average, and large. The waviness of the edges of the leaves is average. On top of the bushes there is a corolla of snow-white flowers.

Tubers of a grade of Jelly of an oval form and have dark yellow pulp

Tubers are oval, have many small eyes. They are even, the same size. The rind is yellowish, rough or smooth. Pulp dark yellow. The weight of potatoes according to the description - 90-140 grams, almost no tubers smaller.


  • taste great tuber crops;
  • high-yielding variety;
  • tuber crops are large, they are equal in weight and volume;
  • they are stored without loss of taste;
  • planted for industrial or recreational cultivation;
  • grade drought tolerant;
  • yield increases with additional feeding;
  • easy to clean;
  • resistant to diseases.


Potatoes dense in their composition low starch contenttherefore they are not suitable for mashed potatoes.

What dishes is used

When cooking the potatoes do not completely boil soft and do not change the shade, so they are not mashed, but add in soups, cook french fries and chips.

Jelly variety is great for cooking french fries

Where it came from and how it spreads

The variety obtained by the selectionists of the Netherlands.

Advised to plant and grow potatoes in Central (in its structure: Bryansk, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Kostroma, Moscow, Oryol, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tver, Tula, Yaroslavl regions) and Volgo-Vyatka (consists of the republics of Mari El. Mordovia. Chuvash, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod regions) regions, can be grown in other regions with a temperate and warm climate.

Features of growing

Potato varieties "Jelly" is undemanding in the care. The variety is drought-resistant, it is required to be watered only in case of drought and heat. In regions with a temperate or cool climate, bushes you can not water.

What is the best place

Choose a sunny place. When planting, the soil should have an acidity of 5.0-5.5.

Landing is necessary to choose a sunny place.

How to prepare the soil

Autumn on the ground scattered fertilizers: 3 kg of manure and 100 g of ash per 1 m². And then the earth is dug up to the depth of a shovel. You should not make nitrogen (urea), as the growing season is extended, and yields are reduced.

Preparation of potatoes for planting

21 days before landing sprout tubers. Lay them in a bright, warm room with good humidity. Better yet, put the potatoes in the sun so that they turn green. As a result, eyes grow on potatoes.

Step by Step Grade Planting Procedure

  1. In the spring they make holes in depth. 10 cmrespecting the indentation in 35 cm. And between the rows set aside a distance of 75 cm.
  2. In the hole throw the tuber eyes up. For planting, you can take both whole potatoes and cut them into pieces.
Root crops need to plant eyes up

Diseases and pests

The variety is not susceptible to cancer, cyst nematode, scab, black leg. Shrubs almost no viruses.

But can get sick late blight. For the prevention of the disease, it is advised to carefully treat the ground before planting. When the epidemic of late blight is required to spray the plants with drugs containing copper. From a fitoftoroz advise to spray with Oxyhom, Kuproksat.

20-30 days before digging up potatoes, it is not advisable to spray the bushes with toxic preparations.

Potatoes can attack colorado beetle. If you put 3-4 superphosphate granules into each well and pre-spray them with Aktellik, Karate or Decis, this will scare the wireworm.

First, the superphosphate is poured with a thin layer, spray the granules with a solution of 14 ml of Actellic or Decisay, 80 ml of water and 200 ml of acetone.

Growing secrets

Sort loves light fertile land with a lot of sand.

If during blooming and tuber formation there is no rain, it is recommended to water the plantings. The rate of watering 5 liters per bush. After watering the soil loosened.

The rate of watering 5 liters per bush

It is recommended to fertilize once a season. Bushes spud 2-3 times per season.

You can already harvest the first harvest at the end of June. Vegetative season - 90 days.

How to harvest and store crops

From shoots to full maturity 60-90 days pass. But potatoes are starting to break in July.

It will be better if there are fans in the storages, temperature and humidity control. Before placing the tubers to preserve, they must be cooled, but very slowly, by half a degree per day. Room temperature during storage - + 1-3 degrees Celsius. During storage, neither the taste nor the type of tubers is changed.

Sort "Jelly" with normal care gives high yieldsin, resistant to disease, it has a wonderful taste of tubers.

Jelly variety is able to give high yields with proper care