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Time and dates when strawberries ripen


The decisive role in the ripening of strawberries belongs to the conditions of the climatic zone. In the central zone of Russia, it is harvested in the second decade of June, but early varieties can keep up early in the month. In the Siberian regions, this period is late for 2-3 weeks. In the southern regions, the berry ripened by the end of May.

Strawberry ripening

To the beds with strawberries easily wintered, it is better to plant seedlings in July, August, but it is possible in September, depending on the weather. At this time, she will have time to settle down well. If this period was missed for planting, it can be carried out in mid-April, better under the film, and get a harvest even slightly ahead of schedule.

The time of ripening from the beginning of flowering and pollination of flowers is usually four to five weeks. The decisive role is played by weather conditions and the quality of care. In warm weather, maturation is faster.

Strawberry closeup

According to the duration of fruiting, strawberries are subdivided into an ordinary one, with the berries ripening once a season, and the remontant one, which gives a crop from May to September-October.

Common varieties

Ordinary varieties of strawberries are classified according to the ripening period as follows:

  • Early. Popular species are Kimberley (Germany), Clery, Olbia, Zarya, Honey, Anita (Italy), Czech Beauty, Alba. Competent care and favorable weather ensure that fruiting begins in the second - third decade of May;
  • Medium early. Stand out - Stolichnaya, Elsanta, Corona (Holland), Festival, Red Beach (Belarus), Ellis (England). The period of fruiting in middle-early species shifts on average by a week, compared with the early one;
  • Medium late. These include Prezent, Tsarina, Gigantella, Solovushka, Polk, Asia, Arosa. Fruit another week later;
  • Late. They are not very many. Famous - Malvina, Tarusa, Chamora, Adria (Italy), Pegasus ripen last.
A regular berry produces a crop once a season. The mass of fruits from 25 to 50 g. Differs in an abundance of developed antennae.
Strawberries in wicker basket

Remontny grades

Remontny varieties of strawberries are increasingly leading in the garden and household plots. They are remarkable for the ability of multiple flowering and fruiting during one season. The plants have inflorescences 15 times more than ordinary ones, they give a crop 2-3 times during the vegetative period. Ease of cultivation is that it practically does not give a mustache.

Ripening berry occurs in waves. The first batch of the crop is harvested in June, the second stage of the ripening of berries begins in the beginning decade of July. In mid-August, you can harvest a third time. Fruiting continues until frost.

The repair strawberry grows intensively, the bushes develop rapidly. Experts do not advise keeping it on the beds for more than two years.

The favorite types of strawberry repair are Queen Elizabeth, Uralochka, Charlotte, Brighton, Lyubava, Primadonna, Tribute, Albion.

Strawberries in the garden

Remontant varieties are divided into long daylight hours (dns) and neutral daylight hours (NSD). They have different dates of ripening berries. To ensure continued fruiting, it is recommended to plant both of these species.

Repair strawberries can be small-fruited and large-fruited. The advantage of the latter is considered to be large fruits weighing up to 50-70 g. Reparative varieties yield a crop an order of magnitude larger than ordinary ones.

How to speed up the time of ripening strawberries in the open field?

What are the ways to speed up the ripening berries. To speed up the ripening of berries in the open ground gardeners recommend some simple techniques:

1The most common is growing under the cover of a nonwoven material - spunbond on a frame of arcs. It is possible to arrange such a shelter in early spring, when the air temperature will be established steadily above -5 degrees. In the middle lane is the end of March - the beginning of April.

It is permissible to simply cover agrofiber landings without a frame in the spread, but minus is the lack of airing.

Strawberry bush close up

Berry ripening and soil heating will be accelerated by the method of mulching between rows with lutrasil or black film. The spring sun will warm up the soil faster and create conditions for the beginning of the growing season. This technique will speed up the harvest 6 days earlier than usual.

Later, when the earth thaws, you need to cut all the old leaves with shears. To protect the plants from spider mites, shed the middle of the bushes with hot water at a temperature of 60-65 degrees. Sprinkle the beds of ash and loosen to a depth of about 3 cm. Grind humus. Then again close the landing light non-woven material, stretched on the arc. On the day, during the flowering of bushes, shelters must be removed for pollination of flowers. The ripening period of the berries in this case will be shorter by 1-2 weeks.

In early spring, organic mulch in the form of sawdust, straw, laid in the autumn, you need to remove from the roots of bushes, it inhibits the thawing of the soil.

It must be remembered that the earliest varieties are most suitable for obtaining early berries: Zarya, Alba, Honey, Cleary, Kimberley and others.

Effective method of growing strawberries in greenhouses, but it is quite expensive.

Strawberry seedlings

Additional stimulation is needed for early harvest. fruiting in the form of dressings and protective treatments against pests and fungal diseases. The list of basic agrotechnical requirements also includes the removal of old leaves, regular watering, weed control, loosening between rows.


In central Russia, gardeners plant a considerable number of strawberry varieties domestic and foreign breeding. Today, there are more than 64 varieties in the State Register. From among other signs, they differ from each other in terms of ripening berries.

In order to grow and get a crop of strawberries from their own beds, it is necessary to study the characteristics of varieties. The main thing is to plant the saplings of the necessary varieties in time and provide them with competent care.

Planting on the site of several varieties will extend the period of consumption of tasty and healthy berries.

The result of labor will be a good harvest!